Get Lit with MAC Highlighters

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MAC has been bringing it with shades to literally “get lit” for spring and summer and if anyone knows how to do it right, it is MAC!

With Dazzle Drops and Dazzle Highlighter in coordinating shades, face and cheeks are dripping in shiny, sparkling glittered-up looks.

MAC Dazzle Drops and MAC Dazzle Highlighters

Now, I am not one to over-do it on the glitter, except for when it comes to my nails, lips or sometimes on my eyes like the Shiny Pretty Shadows from this collection, but these products are smooth and glittery like only MAC can do.

The recent Get Blazed collection includes the following face products:

MAC Dazzle Drops — $31
Dazzlepeach - Sparkling Peach
Dazzlepink - Sparkling Pink

MAC Dazzle Drops
MAC Dazzle Drops

MAC Dazzle Highlighter — $35
Dazzlegold - Sparkling Yellow Gold
Dazzlepink - Sparkling Rose Gold

MAC Dazzle Highlighter
MAC Dazzle Highlighter

Look for these new MAC products online at and in select MAC locations now.