Get the Look: Cate Blanchett at the Academy Awards.

Cate Blanchett looked absolutely stunning last night at the 88th annual Academy Awards. From her gown and jewelry, to her hair, skin and makeup — everything was exquisite. I have the details on her skin and hair. If I get the details on her makeup, I will update with that.

Get the Look: Cate Blanchett at the Academy Awards

Cate credits her radiant skin to her longtime use of SK-II products, for which she is Global Ambassador. Here are the products she used with help of Makeup Artist Jeanine Lobell.

Cate’s first step in the road to beautiful, ageless skin is the SK-II signature product she cannot live without, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.

For many years I have spoken about the profound effect that this ‘miracle water’ has had on my skin,” said Cate. “Having used SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for 15 years I can confidently say it has not only transformed my complexion, but quite possibly changed the destiny of my skin as well

Next, makeup artist, Jeanine Lobell used NEW R.N.A. Power Essence and R.N.A. Power Cream, SK-II’s most revolutionary anti-aging series to date for youthful, firm skin to ensure Cate’s skin was best prepared for makeup. NEW SK-II R.N.A. Power Essence helps to minimize pores and plump skin, while NEW R.N.A. Power Cream provides intense moisturization to firm, smooth and tighten skin.

The new R.N.A. Power line instantly refreshed and hydrated Cate’s skin, creating a beautiful, dewy glow,” said Jeanine. “Having a good base for makeup application is the key to a beautiful final makeup look.

Check what Cate brought along with her to stay looking radiant all night long.

Cate Blanchett at the Academy Awards

Cate's hair was styled by Wella Professionals Stylist Robert Vetica, who cut Cate's hair into a freshly cut bob for the big night. Her simple, elegant waves combined with a beautiful textured style completed the look which was inspired by the iconic photographer Lillian Bassman whose photographs exude innovation and elegance with cutting edge fashion. This was refreshing and stood out during the time of the 40's and 50's when total femininity and elegance lived in full splendor.

Wella Professionals stylist Robert Vetica and Cate discussed the bold decision of cutting her hair the day of the Oscars for quite some time. “This is one of the reasons I love this woman so much! I mean who cuts their hair the day of? She is bold and makes her regal presence known,” says Robert.

Step-by-Step Styling:

1. Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair using Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Shampoo and Daily Renewing Conditioner which helps hydrate, nourish and strengthen hair.

2. Next, apply Wella Professionals EIMI Perfect Setting Blowdry Lotion to add strength and hold.

3. Next, section the hair into two parts and apply Wella Professionals EIMI Thermal Image to create volume and natural movement.

4. Next, curl each section with a 1 inch curling iron, just to give the hair bend.

5. Quickly, set each section with a velcro roller at a diagonal angle away from the face and spray with Wella Professionals EIMI Stay Essential Finishing Spray.

6. Allow the rollers to stay in 45 minutes then remove and gently brush through the curls and use the blow dryer to help loosen the set.

7. Finish the look with Wella Professionals EIMI Stay Essential Finishing Spray to ensure the final results last.


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