Getting Camera Ready for the Holidays with Olay.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.

With the holidays upon us and visiting with family, friends and gatherings galore, the camera flashes are firing. It is time to make sure we are camera ready at every moment so that when we share our family photos, we are happy with how we look.

Get Camera Ready for the Holidays with Olay


To be camera ready at every moment, I have a few tricks to share.


Before doing your makeup for a gathering where your picture may be taken or having a professional holiday photo shot, start with a makeup primer so makeup goes on more smooth and even. Apply the primer on your neck as well.


Makeup looks different on camera than it does in person; it can appear too flat or too shiny in photographed. Be careful when using matte or shimmery products. It’s best to go with cream highlighters and contouring products on the cheeks and subtle shimmer products on the eyes. It’s also a great time to play up the eyes so they don’t get lost in the photos.


A great makeup look, begins with great skin. To get skin looking camera ready, it is best to use and stick to a routine with a brand of products like the Olay Regenerist® line. From cleansing with Olay Regenerist® Regenerating Cream Cleanser first thing in the morning to finishing my skin care routine with Olay Regenerist® Night Recovery Cream in the evening, my skin is definitely its camera best and glowing.

Olay Regenerist Skincare

Olay Regenerist Skincare

I have seen a real improvement in my skin with the Olay Regenerist® Eye Lifting Serum and Micro-Sculpting Cream and pretty quick too. I am always concerned about my crow's feet and under eye area, and I have seen a great reduction in the depth of the lines near my eyes in just two weeks. This is such a relief, especially as the camera gets close - you know how much the eyes naturally crinkle as you smile - so I have been depending on this serum for help. Also, the Micro-Sculpting Cream restores skin’s elasticity with hydration for younger looking skin, so that the wrinkles around my mouth when I smile are less noticeable. Again, it's the last thing I want the camera to focus in on, so I am thrilled that this luxe cream is working fast.

Olay Regenerist Skincare

Olay Regenerist Skincare


No one wants to see a picture of a forced or fake smile. Enjoy yourself and be confident. Whether having your photos shot professional or candidly, a real, having the time of your life smile shows through in photos. Be yourself and smile!

Olay Regenerist is an important part of my get ready routine and helps me look and feel my best beautiful! Visit for more information on their full line of products.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.