Getting Healthy with Nutrisystem: Week 7.

Did you ever notice that every celebration or social gathering seems to revolve around food? And very rarely is any of this food healthy. I had a week full of dinners out, celebrations, dinner with friends, a luncheon, bridal shower and cook outs. The unhealthy food was flowing. Planning and make the right choices had to be done. It wasn't easy though, I will tell you that.

Remember you have a choice...

For most functions, I made an effort to plan ahead. I would eat a Nutrisystem bar that is full of protein and very filling. I would also make sure to have filled up on water. I figured if I were full, I would pass up on any hors d'oeuvres or stick my hand in the bread basket. I chose to hang out by the veggie platter a few times and would order salad or carefully chose food from the "light" menu. It was harder at the two buffet style parties I went to, but I basically ate light and chose what I thought were the healthiest options. It is the only way I could stay on track. It was not easy, especially passing on the yummy desserts. The funny thing is, I am of the mind set now that I am not being deprived. I am making the choice to be healthier, and my reward is in that. Not to mention that watching the numbers on the scale go down is a great reward too.

This week, I did see my number on the scale go down again - woo! I lost another 1.5 pounds this week, making my total weight loss 13.5 pounds so far. Planning and making the right choices paid off. As of now, I only have two functions coming up next week and I will stick to my plan for dealing with these challenges.

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