Getting Healthy with Nutrisystem: Week 8.

Now that I am half way through my 16 week Nutrisystem program, I figure it is time to set some goals.

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Initially, I wanted to lose about 30 pounds. that was approximate, because I didn't really know what I wanted to or should weigh it was really about 33 or 34 pounds. I can't remember the exact number at this point; I had a goal weight in mind. That was until I was at the doctor a few weeks into the program.

Up until this point, my doctor never told me that I needed to lose a certain amount of weight, but we talked about it at length during this visit. He thought I was smart about getting on track with my health and that losing weight was a part of that. He actually suggested I lose a little more than I wanted to. He told me that in his experience, patients would gain about 5 pounds when they transition off of a plan like Nutrisystem. 

I kept that in mind and am trying to gauge what size I want to be when I am not just finished with Nutrisystem, but when I am at my healthy weight goal. I have decided that in total, I want to lose 40 pounds. I feel this is do-able and that I will hopefully be at a size that I want to be, and at a healthy weight, with my BMI at a good point.

My initial goal was to lose 10 pounds in my first month. I reached that goal. I want to make it a goal to lose 5 pounds a month from here on out, because that's about what I lost in the last month. I have realized that I lose weight slowly, but I think I can keep it off this way. I lost another 1.5 pounds this week, which makes my 8 week total of 15 pounds lost. With this in mind, I have a goal to lose 25 pounds when my 16 weeks with Nutrisystem is over. It is not as much as I had initially planned, but I feel I will be on track and on my way.  When my Nutrisytem 16 week plan is actually over, I will reassess and set more goals and a plan to lose that last 15 pounds on my own.

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