Glam, Glow & Glitz it Up with MAC Cosmetics this Fall

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If you want to glam it up for fall, look no further than MAC because they are bringing it! Can I hear a collective YASSSSSS?

I am a little late on reporting, but MAC launched a collection of GORGEOUS Dazzleshadow Liquid eyeshadows along with Supreme Beam transforming foundations Hyper Real Foundation and Iridescent Loose Powders last month. If you are into the glitter and glow trend (who isn’t?) then you need to take a look!

Glam, Glow & Glitz it Up with MAC Cosmetics this Fall
MAC Hyper Real Foundation
MAC Hyper Real Foundation
Iridescent Loose Powder
MAC Dazzleshadow Liquid
MAC Dazzleshadow Liquid
MAC Dazzleshadow Liquid

Remember when I showed you the amazing Grand Illusion Glossy Liquid Lipcolour’s a few weeks ago? These products came out with these transforming glosses and they are equally transforming and amazing.

First, let’s talk about the face products.

The Hyper Real Foundations are liquid highlighters that feel like nothing on the skin; they are virtually weightless as they give skin and out of this world dreamy glow. The finish is pearl-like and the glow is beautiful. It is silicone-based so it glides onto the skin and feels super silky. You can apply it all-over, mis it in with your own foundation or use it just where you want to highlight.

There are four different shades: Gold FX, Violet FX, Bronze FX or Rose Gold FX. Each one sells for $31. Buy it here.

Next up are the Iridescent Loose Powders which are oh so beautiful on the skin. I am actually using these powders to give my skin a glow more than I ever thought I would.

These Iridescent Loose Powders come in two shades, Golden Bronze and Silver Dusk, and they are so finely milled, that they just give skin the most subtle glow. As I have still been self-tanning to keep my summer glow going as much as I can, Golden Bronze has been the most beautiful complement.

Each Iridescent Loose Powder sells for $29. Buy them here.

Out of all of the products in this launch, the most special and must-have are the Dazzleshadow Liquid eyeshadows.

There are a few brands that have launched liquid glitter shadows (Stila and Pixi) but I don’t think they hold a candle to the Dazzleshadow Liquid. The shades and formula set so quickly with no fall out, smearing or smudging, that they literally feel like you skin.

Each Dazzleshadow is different; there are glitters, shimmers and satins, which are more chrome-like. I love that there are options and not just full-on glitters.

The complete run-down of the Dazzleshadow Liquid:

  • Not Afraid to Sparkle - Sheer Silver with Multipearl (shimmer)

  • Blinking Brilliant - Orangey Copper (shimmer)

  • Panthertized - Black with Green and Purple Pearl (shimmer)

  • Flash and Dash - Light Gold Champagne (shimmer)

  • Beam Time - Rose Gold (shimmer)

  • Love Yourself - Light Metallic Pink (Satin)

  • Every Day is Sunshine - Light Peach (shimmer)

  • Stars in My Eyes - Metallic Silver (satin)

  • Rayon Rays - Warm Brown (shimmer)

  • Diamond Crumbles - Holographic Blue with Pink (shimmer)

You won’t be sorry when you try these new shadows. They literally transform your lids before your eyes.

My favorites include Beam Time, Rayon Rays, and Flash and Dash.

Dazzleshadow Liquid sells for $19 each. Buy it here.

You can buy any and all of these new MAC products at MAC stores, counters or online at now.


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