Golden Rules: Bronzer Do's & Dont's.

Bronzers are a definite do during these summer months. Whether you want to fake a glow or enhance one, they come in a variety of formulas and shades. Let me ask you this though. Do you know which formula or shade is right for you? And do you know how to correctly apply a bronzer?

Well, Chad Hayduk, co-founder of Three Custom Color Specialists get asked those questions often. He is here to share with us his Do's and Dont's for creating a warm, sun kissed glow.

DO - Know Your Skin Tone
Wearing the wrong shade of bronzer can look un-natural, un-flattering and sometime orangey. Three Custom Color has two shades of powder bronzer for either warm or cool skin. If you are unsure which one would work best for you, check out their handy warm vs. cool tool to help you select.

DO - Think Application
Of course, bronzers look most natural and best of applied to where the sun would actually bronze you. To apply, use a fluffy powder brush to apply bronzer to your forehead, nose and cheeks. If you want more control in application, try a creme bronzer version. Three Custom Color has a Bronze Cream to Powder Blush that would do this perfectly. Just remember to bend and blend to make it look most natural.

DON'T - Forget Your Neck (or shoulders or décolleté)
Don't forget that as we show more skin in the summer, be sure to add some glow to the neck, shoulders and décolleté to even it all up. Apply On Fire Shimmer Crème (a bronzed shimmer with a swirl of opalescence) with your fingertips to the neck, décolleté and shoulders. On Fire Shimmer Crème goes on light and silky, and can also be used to highlight and enhance the cheekbones.

DO - Finish the Look with a Bronzed Lip Gloss and a Pop of Color.
Bronze shades look great on the lips, too! Light-catching bronze shimmer on the lips can really pull together a sun-kissed look. Try Whisper Lip Gloss (Nude Bronze Shimmer), Brown Betty Lip Gloss (Golden Bronze), or Billie Lip Gloss (Rich, Beachy Bronze with Mauve Sparkle). This year’s red-carpet trend also pairs a bright teal eye shadow with a bronzed face.

To find all of the products Chad suggested, visit Three Custom Color Specialists.