Guides to Beauty.

I have been working on a fun project separate from Beautiful Makeup Search and wanted to tell you about it because I thought you might want to take a little look see. I have been writing some fun beauty guides over on ebay. Did you even know that ebay has guides all about your favorite subjects? Well, they do and I know you will want to check some of them out, especially the ones I am writing about beauty.

You know I am particular about my mascara, so I have written a guide to my 3 favorite mascaras for volume, length and curl. You'll want to know which mascaras made the cut!


I'm also obsessed with neutral eyeshadow palettes and I write about them here on the site often. Over on ebay, I have rounded them up and broken down the best neutral eyeshadow palettes. Is yours on the list?


To put on that eyeshadow you need the perfect makeup brushes. Do you have the right makeup brushes and makeup tools in your collection? I have written a guide featuring the must have makeup brushes and tools that you should have in your collection. Check it out and stop wasting your money on the tools you don't need!


Finally, I have written a guide about how easy it really is to get beautiful skin in just 5 steps. With the right products and steps listed out for you, there is no way you can go wrong.


I will be writing many more guides to beauty over on ebay so I hope you will follow me. 

Disclosure: I am being compensated by ebay to write guides for them. This post is not part of that program, but I wanted to tell you about the collaboration in the hopes that you will visit my guides.