Hair Hydration Help from Moroccanoil

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My hair tends to be dry, especially this time of year. I don’t know what it is about the wintertime.

Maybe it is the over-styling, buildup of products, the indoor heat or combination of everything, but dry hair makes hair hard to manage and makes hair porous and that’s not a good thing. I’ll save that for another post.

This is not about hair color, this post is about treating dry hair and my current solution, which is a trio of products from Moroccanoil.

Hair Hydration Help from Moroccanoil

Known for their famed Moroccanoil Treatment which is probably the most fantastic hydrating oil I have tried, Moroccanoil knows how to treat dry hair.

I have been using a combination of products from Moroccanoil and the difference was almost immediate.

The best thing about my current haircare regimen from Moroccanoil is that it is not complicated whatsoever. Plus the scent is divine.

I have been using Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner and Moroccanoil Treatment.

Both the Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner are sulfate-free (great for my color treated hair) and formulated with antioxidant-rich argan oil, Vitamins A and E and moisture-attracting red algae.

After just one use, my hair not only felt silkier and softer, it looked so much better.

I concentrate the shampoo at the scalp and roots, while I concentrate the conditioner at the mid-shaft and tips with only what is leftover on my head and very little on my scalp.

I wash my hair two times a week and have not noticed any oil buildup at all.

Both products are gentle enough to be used daily, but I have found that my dry hair just looks and performs better when I wash it less frequently.

Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner

As soon as I towel dry, I apply one or two pumps of the Moroccanoil Treatment.

The Moroccanoil Treatment is also made with argan oil and vitamins; it is super nourishing and leaves hair super smooth, frizz free and extremely shiny.

I apply the treatment when my hair is still quite wet, right after towel drying, and I apply more at my ends and mid-shaft and only what is leftover on my palms onto my head and scalp. I use more when there tends to be more humidity in the air or when I will be doing more sleek styling.

Moroccanoil Treatment

Moroccanoil products can be purchased online at, or bought in authorized fine salons or through retailers like Nordstrom and Sephora.

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