Herbal Essences Honey, I'm Strong Collection.

I beat my hair. It is damaged from all of the coloring, curling and drying that I subject it to. Never mind sitting outside in the sun where it is getting damaged like the rest of my body. I do what I can to repair and nourish it, but I don't do anything to protect it. There are a host of heat protecting and styling products that I use, like what I told you about earlier today, but I have never found a collection of products that protect at the washing level. This is super smart and Herbal Essences has done just this, and brought both strength and protection to the hair with the new Honey, I'm Strong Collection.

Can you guess the main ingredient? Yes, it is honey. Honey has a natural power to strengthen hair and that is at the core of the formula. Along with apricot extracts, hair is rejuvenated and nourished, silky to the touch while strong underneath.

The line up:

Honey, I'm Strong Shampoo - $2.99
This shampoo coats each strand of hair to help protect it against future damage caused by brushing and styling.

Honey, I'm Strong Conditioner - $2.99
This conditioner seals in the cuticle with strength to defend against damage while making hair stronger and silky.

Honey I'm Strong Rinse Out Treatment - $4.99
This moisturizing deep conditioning treatment smoothes away styling damage from root to tip. Hair is left silky, hydrated and stronger. I use this once a week in the shower. I leave it on for four or five minutes to get the ultimate benefits.

All the products have a scent that is fresh and addicting. It is not overpowering, but I love the scent of fresh smelling, clean hair. That, and strong hair, is what you get when using.

The Herbal Essences Honey, I'm Strong trio of products are available at your favorite drugstore or mass retailer now. You can't miss the bright golden yellow packaging.