Holiday 2010: Get the Winter Glow from ELLIS FAAS.

For the 2010 holiday season, Ellis has selected a gift set of three, best-selling products that can be combined to create a beautiful and festive look: Creamy Lips “Ellis Red” L101, Ellis Eyes Light E305 and black mascara E401. These three products together can be used to create either a dramatic party look or a more subtle every day look.

I must say that I am very happy with this being my first experience with ELLIS FAAS. The mascara is a best-seller, I am sure, as it is amazing. I can apply coat after coat and my lashes just get thicker and longer while maintining their flexibility.  The formula is really unlike I have ever used before.

Ellis explains how she uses the combination of products -

Party look:
* use the Light in holographic Bordeaux-green as an overall eye shadow. Apply liberally onto the eyelids and also underneath the eye in a bold shape. Soften the edges with your finger for a dramatic smokey eye.
* apply the mascara in several coatings. Because the mascara stays flexible you can easily layer it and even curl the lashes afterwards - do wait a few minutes between layers.
* load the applicator of the lipstick with a little bit of product and outline the lips. Reload and apply a thicker coat of lipstick to create a sumptuous, deep sexy red mouth.

Subtle look:
* use the Light as a highlighter - either over your usual eye shadow or on its own. Apply a dot in the middle of your eyelid and in the corner of your eye. Dab lightly.
* use one coating of mascara for a natural look.
* load the applicator of the lipstick with a little bit of product and apply on the lips. Fade a little with fingers, to create a very chic blood-red stain.

ELLIS FAAS products are available through their website, and at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City.