Holiday 2010: Suave Seasonal Body Washes.

Add a little bit of holiday to your morning routine. With these new Seasonal Body Washes from Suave, you'll be thinking about the joyous season right out of the shower. What a great way to start the day - and the season off.


The four limited edition Seasonal Body Washes are available in the following scrumptious, holiday-inspired scents:

  • Candy Apple Luscious Body Wash
  • Holiday Pear Refreshing Body Wash
  • Peppermint Bliss Shimmer Body Wash
  • Toasted Vanilla and Sugar Indulgent Body Wash

At just $1.99 each, there is no reason to not pick up each and every one. These limited edition Suave Seasonal Body Washes are available exclusively at Walmart.