Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette.

if you've ever wanted that lit from within look but didn't know how to get it, you need this palette. It seems everyone needs this palette, or wants it, because the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette is hard to get. Yes, it's that good.

The Ambient Lighting Palette is a limited edition palette that features three shades of Ambient Lighting Powder. If you are not familiar with these powder, they are soft focus finishing powders, but not your ordinary finishing powders. These are high tech finishing powders that blur imperfections, soften lines and reflect light in the most beautiful way. Once you try one, you will never want to be without one of theses powders again. Like I said, there are three of these powders in this palette.

Dim Light
This neutral peach beige powder blurs imperfections and highlights the complexion. I dust it over my cheekbones with a large fluffy brush when I have finishes my makeup. I also like to dust a bit on the center of my forehead and my chin to bring a bit of light to those areas of my face as well.

Incandescent Light - limited edition
This opalescent pearl powder brightens the complexion with a celestial glow. I use this on the tops of my cheekbones and right on my brow bone.

Radiant Light
This sun-kissed golden beige powder enhances the complexion with believable, subtle warmth. This is perfect for a light bronze look. Instead of wearing bronzer under my blush, I use this on top of my blush and blend. The look is soft and gorgeous.

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette also comes with a travel size Veil Mineral Primer, which will help lock in your makeup look all day.

Look for the Ambient Lighting Palette sells for $58.00 at Sephora and Hourglass Cosmetics. It is currently out of stock in both places, but keep looking. It is worth the wait.