How to Get Beautiful Beachy Waves in 5 Simple Steps.

Beautiful beachy waves are all the rage. Achieving this beautiful look that is seen on all your favorite celebrities is easier than you think.

All you need are the right Aussie stylers and and the right tools along with these tips from Aussie Celebrity Stylist Sarah Potempa. With just 5 simple steps and a little practice, you will have the routine down in no time.

  1. Immediately after showering, apply Aussie Smoothing Serum to wet hair, which will reduce damage caused by styling tools and protect your hair against frizz all day long!
  2. After loosely blow drying hair, separate strands into two sections on the left and right sides of your head and spritz Aussie Heat Protecting Shine Spray directly on each section to create a barrier between the hair and the heat, while adding a natural, sun-kissed shine to the hair.
  3. Select Left (L) or Right (R) on the Beachwaver based on the side of your head you’re curling.  This will control which direction the curling iron rotates to ensure both sides look flawless.
  4. Clamp the curling iron near the ends of the hair (always start with the clamp facing you so it rotates away from your face) and press the “GO” button to automatically rotate and curl your hair without having to twist your wrist! Release the “GO” button to stop the rotation, wait about 10 seconds and release the clamp. Slide hair off of the barrel for beautiful waves.
  5. Allow hair to cool before applying Aussie Anti-Frizz Cream for a smooth finish and run your fingers through curls for gorgeous, easy beach waves!

Check out Sarah’s Beachwaver how-to video to see her in action creating this super beautiful look.

If you don't want to invest in a new tool, look at what you already have at home. I actually use a 1.25 inch curling iron that has been sitting in a drawer unused. I just hold the iron vertically down (with the handle on top) and simply wrap my sectioned hair backward around the barrel. It took some practice, but with some patience, I am getting really good at achieving my own beachy waves myself.  The trick is definitely using the right styling products and only the fingers to loosen the waves.