How to Get Perfect Beach Waves for Summer.

Maintaining hair is a process. Doing it in the summer is an entirely different process in itself. Dealing with all of the seasons elements like the heat, humidity, surf and wind on top of all of the styling and coloring we already put our hair through on the daily takes its toll. Hair needs special care and products to maintain its shine and beauty. And if you want hair to be frizz free, full of volume, and the perfect beach wave look, then you need some special products, tools and tricks so it looks effortless. It takes work!

Hair Care 101: How to Get Perfect Beach Waves for Summer

In the summer, you want to use as least heat as possible on your hair. Let hair air dry 70% - 80% before taking out the blow dryer. When drying, flip hair over and dry the underneath first. Flip your head back over then smooth out, drying from the very top. This will seal in the cuticle and lock out frizz.

For loose, easy voluminous beach waves, use a large styling wand for loose waves or really large hot rollers for extra big volume. Summer is about easy hair and not a coiffed look, so don't worry about it looking perfect. Use your fingers to break curls apart to get the beachy waves look and lightly use hairspray. Don't go overboard. Hair should look effortless in the summer and not overdone.

For products, you want to use shampoos, conditioners and styling products that are free of silicones. Silicones can weigh down the hair so stay away - they won't give you the volume or lift you want.

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