How to Get Perfect Beach Waves with Rsession Tools’ Naluwaver.

Achieving the perfect beachy wave look yourself is not that hard to achieve if you have the right tools. The right tool here is the Rsession Tools Naluwaver.

The first tool of its kind, the Naluwaver was created by top hairstylists Kevin Ryan and Frank Rizzieri, who at the time were taping two irons together to create a double barreled iron. Can you imagine? I mean, that is innovative, but I cannot imagine how hard it must have been to use.  Not as difficult to use is what they wound up creating though, the Naluwaver.

The Naluwaver is essentially two curling irons in one. Yes, two barrels on one handle.  It does take some getting used to, well, a lot of getting used to.  With only one set of hands free to style, it is hard to manage both irons with one hand.  Yes, I have two hands, but one is for holding the iron, while the other is for twisting my hair around each barrel.  I highly recommend watching the enclosed DVD before attempting to use the Naluwaver on yourself, and better yet, get a friend to help you do your hair.  Also a must, is the heat resistant glove or you will burn yourself, so do not even attempt using the tool without it.

Okay, so you have the right tool, now what do you do? Follow these steps to get the perfect beach waves.

1. Start by prepping damp hair with a thickening spray and blow dry using hands instead of a brush. Hair shouldn’t be too clean, as it will not hold a curl. If hair is damaged, spray with a thermal protecting spray before using the iron.

2. Divide hair into sections, and wrap in a figure-8 pattern around the double barrels, starting at about 2 inches from the scalp. Wear the included protective heat glove to avoid burning fingers. Hold hair for about 30-45 seconds to ensure a strong curl.

When wrapping hair around the barrels properly, it will look like the photo below.

3. Set the hair with hairspray and comb through with fingers to create desirable, messy waves.

The Naluwaver is available at, Rizzieri Salons, and all Ricky’s NYC locations for $179.99.