How to Get Rid of Cellulite with the HoneyBelle Body Buffer.

I discovered this handy beauty device called HoneyBelle Body Buffer in early March. Do you remember how I thought this was some sort of car buffing device? It looks like one, and honestly, it buffs the body and skin smooth, so the idea is similar - yet very different.

The HoneyBelle Body Buffer works deep into the skin to help break up the bonds of cellulite.

The HoneyBelle bodybuffer’s patented oscillating technology uses micro and macro mechanical forces to effectively improve the feel and appearance of cellulite in the comfort and privacy of your own home. In a recent clinical trial, women who used the HoneyBelle® bodybuffer for 5-10 minutes twice a day showed a statistically significant reduction in lumpiness and in the appearance of their cellulite in just four weeks. Nearly 75 percent of the women who used the HoneyBelle® bodybuffer said they would recommend it to their family and friends.

The random high frequency oscillation improves blood flow to the treated areas, helps remove toxins and edema (swelling) in the adipose or fatty tissue, and helps stretch the fibrous arches or inner walls of the skin, allowing it to “rebound” to its normal smooth appearance. The results are almost immediate. Most will feel a difference in the lumpiness of their cellulite after only a few uses.

Well, I have been using the Body Buffer for a few weeks now and I am quite impressed. I have dedicated about 10 minutes each day to buffing.  I apply the Après Contouring Crème and buff away. I have been using it on my arms, more specifically on the underneath part of my arms where I have a lot of flab from losing too much weight too fast this spring. While I think this was mostly designed for the thighs and back of legs, at my age, I am not even going there ;) After using the Body Buffer for the first time, my arms felt more awake, more alive and super soft. The wrinkled marks of the "extra skin" looked diminished. This "extra skin" look less and less defined as I have continue to use it and I swear that the skin is firming up there.  Yes, I have been using light weights everyday for about ten minutes as well, but I think the combination of both is working.

Watch the video below which shows how to use the buffer properly, as in using it properly and often is key.

Notice how you are instructed to use the buffer twice a day. I am striving for that and really do need to make the time to even better my results.  I will say that, though I am only using the Body Buffer once a day, about 5 minutes on each area, I am very happy with the results. If I fit in more time, I am positive the results will only continue to get better.

I should mention that the "machine" is a bit heavy and you do really need two hands to operate it more easily.  Using it on your owns arms is not possible without the help of someone, and I am lucky that my husband and daughter have been happy to help me out in my buffing.

The HoneyBelle Body Buffer is available on its website as well as at NeimanMarcus where it won a NM Beauty Award late last year. It sells for $395.00.  There is also a babyBelle BodyBuffer Kit available on the website, which I highly suggest as the unit is the same, for just $295.00. It just comes with a smaller tube of their contouring creme, Yes, this beauty gal is all about saving money!