How to Pick Your Perfect Foundation + Tips for a Flawless Look.

Picking your perfect shade of foundation is one thing. Picking the perfect formula is another. There are foundation types that are formulated for different skin types  and needs. Do you want a matte finish, full coverage, light coverage, dewy or natural finish? There is so much to take into consideration when searching for you perfect foundation. Well, COVERGIRL has taken the guesswork out of finding your perfect foundation with their brand new and very handy Embrace Your Face Makeup Finder.

How to pick the perfect makeup foundation

In just 30 seconds, the Embrace Your Face Makeup Finder will match you up with your perfect foundation. It's simple! Take it for a try now and find your perfect match. I answered four questions and it was spot on, because the tool found my favorite COVERGIRL foundation, Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation.

Embrace Your Face Makeup Finder

You can even find your perfect foundation shade with the Embrace Your Face Fab Lab. I use Outlast Stay Fabulous in the shade Nude Beige (832) in the winter and Outlast Stay Fabulous in Warm Beige (845) in the summer. I mix them together in between season for my perfect match. Don't be afraid to mix your foundation either. Just one pump or a half a pump of each shade usually does the trick.

COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation

For applying your foundation flawlessly, I have some fantastic makeup busting myths and tips from the one and only celebrity and COVERGIRL Makeup Artist Sam Fine. Sam does the face of Queen Latifah (among others) regularly.

COVERGIRL Makeup Artist Sam Fine’s Foundation Myths + Tips for a Flawless Look

1. One of the most common places women test out foundation is on their wrist. Forget it! Instead, test it along your jawline to find a more accurate match!

2. Do you have oily skin? Try a water-based foundation like truBLEND Liquid Foundation! It’s seamless & feels lightweight on skin!

3. Not sure which foundation is right for your skin type? Choose Clean Liquid Foundation -- it’s perfect for normal, sensitive or oily skin!

4. Powder is to foundation what topcoat is to nail polish! Use a large brush to apply powder for a soft, diffused finish! Don’t skip this step!

5. Mature skin requires moisture, so use this breakthrough formula from COVERGIRL and Olay, Simply Ageless Foundation!

6. A “no-makeup” look is just that, a LOOK! Apply liquid foundation, then gently tissue it off for a second-skin effect!

7. You won’t need primer when using Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation! It delivers full coverage AND a matte finish in just one step.