How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home.

I really like gel nail polish for the long lasting wear and shiny finish. Removing gel nail polish at home is not the easiest thing to do. Everyone seems to think that you can just soak gel nail polish in acetone and then scrape it away. Wrong! That is very damaging to your nails -- don't do that. You want to safely and effectively remove gel nail polish from your nails, and probably as quickly and as easily as possible, right? Well, I have discovered how and it will change how you remove gel nail polish at home.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home

To quickly and easily remove gel polish at home, you need the new all-in-one UV and LED Cutex® Gel Polish Removal Kit and about 10 minutes. This new kit contains patented gel remover that is infused with soy and botanical oils to strengthen and condition nails during the harsh removal process. The removal process is an easy to follow 5-step method that really is simple.

Cutex Gel Polish Removal Kit

1. Buff Nail: Buff nails with the white side of the buffing nails file to crack the tops coat of the gel nail polish.

2. Apply Cuticle Cream: Dab the Cutex Cuticle Cream to the cuticles and nail bed to protect them from the next step.

3. Apply Cutex Gel Remover: Apply Cutex Gel Remover all over nail. It is a thicker gelled solution Be careful not to get it onto skin as this contains acetone.

4. Apply Foil Wraps: Position the cotton side of the foil wrap onto the nail and wrap the foil around the nails like you would a bandage.

5. Remove Polish: After 10 minutes, remove the foil wraps. Use wooden cuticle stick to gently lift and remove gel polish from nail.

The Cutex® Gel Polish Removal Kit sells for $9.95 and is available at select mass retailers and online at