John Frieda Precision Foam Colour.

I color my hair at home. I have for years, and looking back, I have tried many different brands and types of hair color. I have used gels, creams and the latest entry into the home hair color market - the foam. This is one of those such entries, foam, and it is actually a first in an at-home hair color for John Frieda. Introducing John Frieda Precision Foam Colour.

Precision Foam Colour boasts a full range of shades, as it includes 20. With an array of options for blondes, brunettes and redheads, the collection brings a full salon shade spectrum home. The colors were developed in conjunction with the John Frieda Creative Colour Director, and sought-after U.K. colourist, Nicola Clarke, who is responsible for some of the most iconic hair colours in Hollywood.  No mess, no drips, no stains—just gorgeous hair from every angle. Just what you want from a hair color, right?

This foam is very easy to apply. The formula spreads evenly through hair, saturating every strand completely—even the back of the head, roots and hairline. From a look at the mixture, I thought that there was not enough product to apply, but as it works into a foam through a squeeze of a bottle, there was more than enough product to more than saturate my shoulder length hair.   I left the foam on for 30 minutes to insure all of my grays were taken care of, then I rinsed, conditioned with the very hydrating conditioner that is included in the kit, and was finished. 

The result was a nice, even color.  I used a very light blonde shade, 9N, and it actually darkened my blonde shade a bit, but the color was beautiful, don't get me wrong, and very vibrant.  All of the shades can be found through their interactive online shade selector.  Just from my experience, I would suggest going a shade lighter than you normally would use, especially if you are a blonde.

Precision Foam Colour can be found at drugstores and mass retailers for $12.99.