Keep The Comments Coming!

c4acure_mug.JPGWith just less than 4 hours on the East Coast, and 7 on the West Coast, I really, really want to reach my goal.

My initial goal for the Comments for a Cure Campaign was to get 100 comments here, and 50 each on Aging Fabulous and Pretty by Nature. But with the clock ticking, I will take 200 comments, any way I can get them.

Here are the total comments as of this writing:
Beautiful Makeup Search - 69
Aging Fabulous - 21
Pretty by Nature - 29
TOTAL : 119

Can we do it, Yes we can! I only need 81 more comments between all three blogs.

And to make things even more fun, I will randomly pick one lucky commenter from each blog and give them a Comments For a Cure Coffee Mug. How great is that?

Please keep the comments coming. And once again, I thank you - and I won't ask any more!!!