Kiss Me Cake Beauty.

I have not used anything from Cake Beauty in a very long time. That is hopefully about to change as I just learned that these indulgent bath and body products are now available online at I plan to indulge and have Cake Beauty kiss both my body and lips all over.


This Citrus Squeeze Collection looks spa-amazing! It is a trio of spa-like essentials infused with hints of lemon zest and vanilla that is guaranteed to leave your body cleansed, nourished, toned and oh-so- kissable!   

  • Citrus Squeeze Buttery Body Bubbles ($14) – This ultra gentle, SLS and paraben-free, body cleanser is packed with nourishing ingredients that leave skin soft and supple.  Also available in Sweet Cheeks
  • Citrus Squeeze Sinfully Smoothing Brown Sugar Body Scrub ($30) This turbinado brown sugar scrub is richly infused with a trio of natural oils and a decadent moisturizing butter.  After just one use skin will be smooth, supple and irresistibly buffed.  Also available in Sweet Cheeks.
  • Citrus Squeeze Better Bod Rub ($29) – This body butter takes the Cake by effectively combining moisturizing agents with active ingredients that help tone, firm, and reduce the appearance of dreadful dimples and not so fine lines.   Also available in Sweet Cheeks.

As for my lips, I need to try a lip butter to make them kiss able, of course.

  • Cake Kiss Lip Butter ($9) – A moisturizing, sheer lip butter rich in shea butter, pure coconut oil, aloe vera and pure orchid complex that nourishes and protects lips leaving them dewy, soft and natural.  Available in: Mulberry Sorbet, Pink Berry, Lemon Chiffon and Caramel Cream.

It important to note that all Cake Beauty products are paraben-free and naturally based.

Like I said, Cake Beauty is now available online at, as well as