Kiss Premium Eyelashes with Application Strings.

Before you head out for the weekend think about glamming it up a bit extra this weekend. How? With some eyelashes! Put on some falsies and bat those eyes around for a whole new look.

If you have been afraid of false eyelashes or are just not good at applying them, fear no more as Kiss has a new line of Premium Eyelashes with Application Strings. These strings make what is nearly impossible for many (including me!) much easier.

To apply these new lashes, all you do is apply their fantastic easy to apply glue to the strip of lashes, let it dry to the point it is tacky (30 seconds or so) and apply as close as you can' t your natural lash line. The strings not only give a more sturdy feel to the lashes, they help you get the lashes into the proper position. The red strings make it easy as you sort of tug them down and let the glue grip onto the lash line.  Once in place, leave the lash in place for about a minute, to adhere properly, and then pull each end of the string out. Lashes stay neatly and perfectly in place. Every time. Words cannot express how simple it is. You really just need to try it yourself.

Look for the Kiss Premium Eyelashes with Application Strings at Walmart stores for just $3.99 per pair.