KRAKL Nails with Duri.

Have you seen the new crackled nail? I am sure you have, as it is one of the hottest beauty trends of the year.  I think it is really fun to add a colorful, two texture polish to the nails.  Just in time for this fun new trend is Duri KRAKL, a unique polish that separates and dries on the nail in a variety of artful “cracks” once applied over your favorite Duri nail color. 

KRAKL comes in fours shades: Queen of Hearts, Black Widow, Madame de Pompadour and White Witch.

Applying a thin coat of Duri KRAKL over dry nail color will yield a skinny cracking pattern across the nail.  Wider cracks, such as the ones shown on the bottle’s cap, can be achieved by applying a thick, generous layer of the KRAKL formula.  Each time you apply, the KRAKL pattern is different!

Each KRAKL polish sells for $5.00, available on

Have you tried this fun new nail trend yet?