Leaving the Planet More Beautiful with Love Beauty and Planet

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My current bath and body routine fits perfectly for Earth month and yes — it is leaving the planet more beautiful. That’s because I am currently indulging in all things Love Beauty and Planet.

If you haven’t experienced products from Love Beauty and Planet, now is the perfect time to revamp your routine. I have just the way to do it with products found at your local Albertsons companies store, too. When you buy any two Love Beauty and Planet products at Albertsons through 4/23/19, you will save $2.00! Click here to find your local Albertsons company store so you can save now.

Not only do I get to indulge in the beautifully fragrant scent of Bulgarian rose each day, which comes from an Ethically-Sourced Oil, I rest easy knowing that the naturally derived formulas are made with 100% recycled packaging and that includes the labels. Of course, each and every part of the packaging has the potential to be recycled again, as well. See what I mean by leaving the planet more beautiful? This is so important as we call attention to our planet Earth as we celebrate Earth month. See how you can help by taking this quiz.

As I mentioned, I am using products from Love Beauty and Planet featuring Bulgarian Rose and they are from the MuruMuru Butter and Rose line which is so pampering to my skin. Not only do I love the scent, but I love the way that all of the products work together to leave my hair and skin smooth, refreshed and hydrated.

I have been indulging in the following Love Beauty and Planet products in my current routine. I like that they have something that works on every part of my body — from head to toe. I have been using the MuruMuru Butter and Rose Blooming Color Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner, MuruMuru Butter and Rose Bountiful Moisture Body Wash, MuruMuru Butter and Rose Pampering Deodorant and MuruMuru Butter and Rose Delicious Glow Body Lotion.

I have to mention the scent of these products from Albertsons again, and the importance of the Ethically-Sourced Oil that the brand uses in them. I am OBSESSED with the scent and the soft musky-rose. It lingers on my hair and skin all-day, but it’s soft and not overwhelming. Love Beauty and Planet’s scents are obtained by the brands fragrance partner, Givaudan, whose responsible sourcing program helps supports the ecosystems and livelihoods of the farmers and communities who grow them. How fantastic is that?

They also use Patent pending technology in each of the conditioners that saves us from tangles but also can help reduce shower time and save some water. That’s because the conditioners include fast-rinse technology but still greatly condition the hair. My hair is left tangle-free, silky soft, smelling great and shiny.

How can you get involved to make the planet a little more greener, cleaner and more beautiful? Take the quiz below with questions about the products you use every day. It will also give you a bit more insight into how Love Beauty and Planet products are made with the aim of leaving the planet a little more beautiful than we found it. 

When I took the quiz, I found out that I need to do more to be a passionate planet protector. I don’t always use vegan or cruelty free products, but thankfully, more brands are turning that way. I also have been using deodorant with aluminum, but I just made the switch with Love Beauty and Planet Deodorant and have had great results so far.

Click here to find your local Albertsons company store so you can save $2.00 when you buy any two Love Beauty and Planet products now through 4/23/19.


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