Look Fabulous Not Frozen with Dr. Brandt needles no more™.

I've reached a certain age in life where I need Botox and yes, I get it. The plan is every four months. I did my homework when selecting a provider and go to a local plastic surgeon that is very well trained. I don't get a large number of units as to look frozen. I want to look like me, just a more fresh version of me; more relaxed if you will. Dr. Brandt has created a new topical product that is designed to do a very similar thing as a correct placement of Botox does, though temporary, and my goodness IT WORKS! It is called needles no more™ and for the next few weeks, you have a chance at trying this instant wrinkle relaxing cream for free.

Is Dr. Brandt needles no more really a temporary Botox in a bottle?

From now through March 22, 2015 at 5:00pm EST, you can gift a complimentary mini sized sample of the breakthrough needles no more™ instant wrinkle relaxing cream to the favorite people in your life. The lucky recipient will need to accept your gift via an email confirmation and will receive their gift in the mail within 10-14 business days. Simply visit lookfabulousnotfrozen.com and choose your deserving recipient as well as select or create your own custom message. After completing your gift submission, you will automatically be entered to win a full sized bottle of needles no more™ instant wrinkle relaxing cream for yourself. One lucky winner will be chosen each week for the duration of the giveaway, making it just as easy to give as it is to receive. Just make sure your friend returns the favor so you will get a sample too!

needles no more™ instant wrinkle relaxing cream features an exclusive tri-blend of winkle relaxers. These innovative peptides and minerals work to help prevent muscle contraction responsible for expression lines and provide instant and cumulative smoothing results at home. After 60 minutes, 96% of users reported that their skin looked smoother and 100% of users reported that the skin around their eyes had a more lifted appearance. It is pretty amazing how it works -- you'll be staring at yourself and thinking "this is working". It doesn't totally make wrinkles disappear, but wrinkles are more plumped and filled faster more than anything I have ever used. It does wear off as the day goes on. If you are heading out for the evening and have applied this in the morning, you''ll want to re-apply.

needles no more™ has a menthol, peppermint type of scent to it, but it is little price to pay for the amazing effect. The price tag though, is big. needles no more™ retails for $89.00 for .5oz. You only need a little bit to smooth out over the wrinkle. You do not apply this all over the face; you only apply this where needed. It's very worth it.