L’Oréal Paris Multi-Tasking Beauty Essentials.

When I was looking through my beauty closet to come up with my favorite multi-tasking makeup products for last weeks post, I quickly noticed one thing - L’Oréal Paris had multiple products that fit my call.  Enough products to be featured on their own, I was impressed at what L’Oréal Paris has come up with to help me cut down my get-gorgeous routine to just a few simple steps.

For the Face:

Visible Lift Smooth Absolute ($15.95)
This lifting and protecting foundation is easily applied with it's built-in thick, soft brush. A simple click and swipe and your skin is flawless and ready for the next step. The formula boasts powerful anti-aging ingredients like Pro-Retinal A, Elastin and Collagen, plus an SPF 17. This must-have comes in eight shades to blend in with a variety of skin tones.

Studio Secrets Professional The One Sweep Sculpting Blush ($12.95)
You have to love an innovative duo to deliver both instant cheekbone definition with it's sculpting bronzer shade plus a natural blush from the blush side of the compact. With the custom designed brush design, you  simply seep it over the compact and apply. Results are perfect as the product lands on the cheeks where it should. Choose from four perfectly matched color combinations.

For the Eyes:

Studio Secrets Professional The One Sweep Eye Shadow ($9.95)
Another innovation, this palette completes your eye look with one seep of the specially designed brush over the triple-toned palette of colors. The shades are evenly and expertly placed to line, define and highlight eyes all at once. Whether you want a smoky eye or a natural look, perfectly matched for your eye color, choose from the two lines, which contains twelve shade combinations in all.

Voluminous Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara ($8.95)
For lashes that won't quick, this instant eye opener applies with ease as lashes as bigger and bolder with just one sweep of the wand, designed with L’Oréal's Clean Sweep Wiper System.  The gentle, yet long-lasting waterproof formula insures that your lashes are done for the day.

For the Lips:

Infallible Le Rouge ($9.95)
Lips are done for the day with this long-wear lipstick that glides on with its conditioning formula. No need to reapply. Formulated with Vitamin E and Ceramides, lips look and more importantly feel their best. Choose a few shades from the full range of 30 colors.

Shopping for L’Oréal Paris products can be done in one step too. Just head on over to your favorite drugstore and pick up some new time-savers today. I promise you'll be impressed.