Luxurious Lashes Can be Yours with LashesMD.

There is something you should know about me – I’m a bit of a skeptic, especially when it comes to the claims beauty companies make.  When I was a child I said I wanted to be a “scientist” and so I think that the show-me-the-proof mindset still lingers even though I gave up my scientific aspirations when I was introduced to organic chemistry.

Back to the topic at hand…

When I read LashesMD claims to “add length, thickness, strength and fullness to your lashes, without a prescription” I thought, “Ha! We will see about that!”

Unfortunately one of the warnings that came with it said that it shouldn’t be used by pregnant or nursing women (and I’m still nursing my 5 month old) so I had to recruit a friend to test it for me.

We took a photo of her eyelashes before she started treatment and again yesterday (after 3 weeks of daily use) and WOW, you can really see a difference – especially in the length! Lashes MD has made a believer out of me.

Lashes MD retails for $25 - a great price for lash growth products (Latisse is $125/month) and is available through select medical and other leading aesthetic professional offices and locations throughout the United States. To find a retailer closest to you, you need to call them at 800.925.5022.?