Summer Lips: MAC Blue Nectar + Tendertalk Lip Balm.

I love a great new lippie and summer is as good a time as any to find a great new one to update your look. MAC is all about the summer lips this year with two collections dedicated to this one product category and I couldn't be impressed more. If you are looking for a new full-on lip color or gloss in summer hottest hues, then look at Blue Nectar. But if you are looking for a new product innovation, you'll definitely want to check out the brand new Tendertalk Lip Balm. Being lippie obsessed, I couldn't help but want or recommend both.

MAC Tendertalk Lip Balm

So let's talk about the new color-changing Tendertalk Lip Balm first. Yes, you read that correctly — this lip balm is color-changing based on your pH levels for a customized colors. It is sort of based on your mood too. Remember those mood rings that were big way back when? Yeah, there are other makeup products that do similar things, but none really compare in my opinion. The Tendertalk Lip Balm is really unique.

Tendertalk Lip Balm is a nourishing lip conditioner first and foremost. It contains nourishing ingredients to keep lips feeling smooth and hydrated while the special "technology" transforms your lips. You pick from one of five base shades then watch as your lips transform.

These lip balms are definitely lip balms so they are sheer from the get go. I tried Pretty Me Up and Play with Me which are on the opposite end of the spectrum — Pretty Me Up is a sheer coral shade while Play with Me is a sheer red shade. Pretty Me Up wet on almost clear with a slight hint of coral to it but transformed within minutes to a soft, shiny bubble-gum pink shade on me that stained my lips as time went on. Play with Me went on as a barely there red tint but transformed into a soft orange-red that was actually a great summer shade. Neither of the transformed shades are what I would have expected them to be but I really liked them and loved they way they felt on my lips. They have the slight vanilla scent/flavor the MAC lip products have and while they initially seem to only last for a few hours with the balm look and real emollient feeling, the subtle stain that is left behind lasts for more than six hours. This is not a harsh stain, I'm calling it a stain/wash that feels really comfortable on the lips and is perfect for summer.

MAC Tendertalk Lip Balm

Choose from five shades all together: Candy Wrapped (sheer pink), Pretty Me Up (sheer coral), Play With Me (sheer red), Teddy Pink (sheer bright pink), and Side Dish (sheer plum). Each Tendertalk Lip Balm will sell for $20 and will be available any day. (My information states these would be available online by now and in-stores June 9th, but as of this writing, they are not showing online yet).

MAC Tendertalk Lip Balm

Blue Nectar is a collection of 12 Lipstick and 6 Plushglass shades that are all perfectly suited for summer. The Lipsticks are a mix of Amplified Creme and Matte formulas so you know that colors are well-pigmented and full-on. The Plushglass shades are the complete opposite as they are whisper soft.

Blue Nectar Lipstick - $17

  • Courting Seduction - creamy pastel lavender (amplified)
  • Lured In - mid-tone pastel purple (amplified)
  • Heroine - bright purple (matte)
  • Invite Intrigue - cool, bright fuchsia (matte)
  • Intoxica - bright raspberry red (matte)
  • Lust Extract - deep royal purple (matte)
  • Riot House - light vivid orange (matte)
  • Give In - creamy natural pink (amplified)
  • Sweet Venom - intense pink coral (matte)
  • Ablaze - bright apricot (matte)
  • Breathing Fire - bright, warm fuchsia (matte)
  • Barbecue - vivid orange-red (matte)

Blue Nectar Plushglass - $20

  • Fulflilled - full-blush creamy pink (cream)
  • Ample Pink - full, soft rose (cream)
  • In Abundance - bright coral pink
  • Robust - sheer bubblegum pink
  • Fashion Fanatic - sheer baby pink
  • Full For You - ultra-cool pink with silver pearl (frost)
MAC Blue Nectar Lipsticks
MAC Blue Nectar Plushglass

The Blue Nectar collection is available now at and at all MAC counters in stores like Nordstrom and Macy's.

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