M∙A∙C False Lashes Mascara.

When to comes to trends and eyelashes, the longer and fuller the better. New formulas are constantly introduced, but none that promise as much as this new mascara from M∙A∙C. A perfect way to bring in the new year and stay on trend with the eyelash envy you will create after trying this new False Lashes Mascara.

False Lashes was created to take nature further forward than ever before! The illusion of extensions, made real without anything but a vital NEW mega-multiplication formula, creating extremities of volume and curl for a dramatic end look, thickening for what we call the “look alive” eye – wide awake, wonderfully well rested, glamorously engorged – applied with the uniquely engineered double-lush brush for the ultimate lash evolution. Nature take note! This is not your mother's mascara.

First, the packaging is beautiful. The tube itself says something dramatic about the product, which I am loving. My lashes have a natural curl to them and most mascaras still need a little help in that department, so I usually do curl them - but not with False Lashes. Skipping a step is vital in a routine if it can pay off, and pay of, this mascara does. After one coat, my lashes are noticeably taut and lengthened, with their natural curl staying in place, but heightened a bit. The formula is a bit pliable at first, so I waited about 30 seconds between coats to eliminate any possibility of clumping, and the second coat was even more wow inspiring. My lashes seemed to go beyond lengths that I have seen them before. Like extensions of my own lashes, but with a nice weight to them, not spidery looking at all. Three coats was almost too much on me, but if your lashes are on the skimpier side, don't be afraid to apply more as you wish.

False Lashes will be available on December 26th and sell for $18.00, which is pricier than other M∙A∙C mascara offerings, but if it works, then it is worth it. Check it out for yourself at M∙A∙C counters and online at maccosmetics.com.