MAC Mariah Carey All I Want Lipstick.

When I first got news of the MAC X Mariah Carey lipstick collaboration back in September, I could not wait! Just one glance at All I Want Lipstick and I knew that this shimmery champagne frosted lipstick had to be mine. I was immediately sold on this limited edition holiday release.

MAC Mariah Carey All I Want Lipstick

All we want this holiday is M·A·C Mariah Carey, featuring All I Want Lipstick in shimmering champagne. One luminous swipe makes lips as fierce and timeless as the icon herself.

All I Want Lipstick is beautiful, especially if you like shimmer! It is perfect for this time of year. It is like a sheer golden champagne shimmer. It is called a frost, but not like one of those 80's frosted (you know the type of frosts I'm talking about!) lipsticks. This is more of a shimmer that reflects off the light.

MAC Mariah Carey All I Want Lipstick

This lipstick honestly looks different with all different makeup looks and in different light. I never take makeup pictures, but I did just to show you how different this looks in a swatch vs. on the lips (one reason I never swatch).

MAC Mariah Carey All I Want Lipstick Swatch

All I Want Lipstick sells for $17.00 and it's available right now at It's an online exclusive so that's the only place you're going to find it.