MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick is One You Have to Try to Believe

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Just when I thought the matte lipstick trend was over, MAC comes along with a new formulation of a matte lipstick.

This new lipstick is so utterly different and I am OBSESSED. MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick is unlike anything that I have ever tried.

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick

Powder Kiss Lipstick is the matte lipstick reinvented and like only MAC could do.

MAC created Powder Kiss to duplicate a technique that is often seen backstage at NYFW . You see, MAC artists were often seen blending out edges of matte lipstick for a hazy effect, so developers set out to create a formula that would give this look from a lipstick itself.

Now, would I want to wear a fashion week look with a hazy effect on my lips? It doesn’t sound like it. But once I felt this groundbreaking formula and saw the soft-focus color on my lips, I was taken aback. It is beautiful.

MAC Powder Kiss is a weightless moisture-matte formula that contains moisture-coated powder pigments that actually condition and hydrate the lips as you wear it. It feels like a lightweight balm as I wear it — so unique. It is not what I would expect from something with such a beautiful, blurred effect.

And that is the best way to describe the look of Powder Kiss.

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick
MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick
MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick
MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick
MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick
MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick

Powder Kiss has a unique, soft focus blurred effect, more than a true dried out look of a matte lipstick. It looks like you applied your best soft focus powder over your lipstick, but it doesn’t feel like you are wearing powder; it feels lightweight and almost cushiony.

The shades are downright beautiful. I normally shy away from really deep shades, but with the soft focus formula, I am finding myself able to wear even the darker shades like Burning Love.

Here is the complete Power Kiss Lipstick rundown.

  • Mandarin O - Bright Creamy Salmon Pink

  • Devoted to Chili - Bright Brick Red

  • A Little Tamed - Midtone Pink

  • Best of Me - Milky Beige

  • Mull It Over - Dirty Peach

  • Lasting Passion - Clean Bright Red

  • My Tweedy - Blushing Nude

  • Impulsive - Warm Brown

  • Shocking Revelation - Clean Blue Red

  • Sultriness - Baby Blue Pink

  • Scattered Petals - Pale Clean Pink

  • Sweet, No Sugar - Clean, Warm Sugar

  • Influentially It - Nude Beige

  • Burning Love - Deep Red Wine

  • Fall In Love - Creamy Fuchsia

  • Style Shocked - Clean Red Orange

Buy the new MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick for $19 now at MAC stores, and at MAC counters in stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s.