M·A·C Prep+Prime Future Length Lash Serum.

It is about time that M·A·C jumps on the lash growth product band-wagon, and I cannot wait to try this entry from them. Future Length Lash Serum promises to be a contender, read on to hear why.

This new patented formula is the latest addition to the popular Prep + Prime family. Future Length Lash Serum promotes natural lash growth for longer, thicker, stronger-looking lashes, with dramatic results visible in eight weeks when used twice daily.

This serum is designed to enhance natural lashes over time, this breakthrough patent-pending treatment. The results say that the serum delivers a measurable, visible difference. A difference my lashes certainly need.


To use Future Length Lash Serum, apply a thin line of serum to the base of the upper and lower lashes on clean, dry skin, twice a day. It will be a few extra seconds to add into your routine each morning evening, and the results promise to be great.

M·A·C Prep +Prime Future Length Lash Serum will be available July 14, 2011 in the permanent collection, at all M·A·C locations and online at maccosmetics.com.