Make It Lash: Cargo LashActivator Primer™.


I want my lashes longer and thicker. Naturally. Meaning, I'd like them to look better before applying mascara. This is where lash conditioners and enhancers come in. Yes, I've used them before, but not as regularly or continually as I should. You see, the thing about eyelash conditioners is that I forget to put i on at night. That's what makes Cargo LashActivator Primer™ good from the get go; you apply this before you apply your mascara in the morning. Just like a foundation or shadow primer. Could it be any easier to remember?

Cargo LashActivator Primer

What makes it even better is that LashActivator™ actually improves the condition of the lashes. In clinical trials, it was shown "to offer the optimal environment for healthy lash growth and reduced lash loss."

Cargo LashActivator Primer

It is simple to use. I apply it like a mascara, being careful to start at the base, or root, of my lashes and then brush it up through the tip. It is colored black so you know where you have applied it. Think of it as a base coat. I have been using it on both my upper and lower lashes. It takes a few minutes to dry, so keep that in mind. After only using this for a few days, I am not noticing my usual stray shredded lashes on my makeup removing pad - so that's a good thing. It's working already.

Cargo LashActivator Primer™ sells for $35.00 at Cargo Cosmetics and ULTA.