Make It Lash: Get Kardashian Lashes with Khroma Beauty Stroke of Midnight Mascara.


Everyone wants to know the secret of Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashians lashes. Could it be their Khroma Beauty Stroke of Midnight Mascara? I doubt it, but you never know. I was glad to hear Kim say that she was wearing Khroma Beauty on "Live with Kelly & Michael" last week! In reality, I am guessing they have lash extensions. But their name is on this new Khroma Beauty Mascara (officially called Khroma Beauty Faux Lash Look Extra Volume Mascara), and I had to give it a try to see how it worked for me.

How to Get Kardashian Lashes


On first look, Stroke of Midnight has the type of brush I like. It is made of very stiff rubber bristles that really help separate lashes as it applies the lengthening and thickening, very pigmented mascara.

It is infused with a mix of six natural waxes to glide on and never flake, plus very dark pigments for the ultimate in color payoff.

I find that applying two coats of Stroke of Midnight is best for me. Three coats is maybe too much. The formula didn't clump, but too much made them sort of "gloopy" looking. Like I said, the formula never flakes, nor did it smudge. It lasted all day, and removed with regular eye makeup remover. My lashes did feel a bit stiff, but that also meant that my lashes stayed curled and in place all day too.

Khroma Beauty Stroke of Midnight Mascara sells for $9.99 at ULTA. It will be available in CVS and Sears come March.