Staying true to the belief of never having to sacrifice color for performance, MAKE UP FOR EVER just introduced another vibrant addition to their award-winning Aqua range called Aqua Liner.

Aqua Liner is a very highly pigmented waterproof liquid eye liner that performs even in the most extreme conditions. It is 100% waterproof and won't budge through sweat, tears, all weather conditions and even swimming.

The line consists of 15 different shades, making it one of the most extensive collection of shades for a liquid eyeliner ever.

Pictured from left to right in the photo above:

#1 – Diamond Gold
#3 – Iridescent Emerald Green
#4 – Diamond Lagoon Green
#5 – Diamond Turquoise Blue
#6 – Iridescent Navy Blue
#7 – Diamond Black Purple
#8 – Iridescent Electric Purple
#9 – Iridescent Fuchsia
#10 – Iridescent Red
#11 – Diamond Burgundy
#12 – Mat Mocha
#13 – Mat Black
#14 – Diamond Multicolor Black
#15 – Iridescent Anthracite
#16 – Diamond White

If you prefer a liquid eyeliner, then there is a shade for you here. Aqua Liner comes in matte, iridescent and sparkling finishes. With just one steady swoop of the hand, a beautiful tight line is achieved.  The line stays where you put it and stays there until you take it off, so a steady hand is obviously a must.  I always take a practice swipe or two on the back of my hand to get the pressure and amount of liner correct before I apply it to my eye. This almost always insures a perfect line - every time.

If you are still apprehensive about liquid liner, take these tips from MAKE UP FOR EVER National Educator Jessie Powers. He has four easy steps for achieving a precisely lined eye, and the tips are priceless. I need to try them in fact as they make perfect sense.

1. Draw a thin line of liquid liner centered on the upper lash line directly above the pupil.

2. To create the liner “tail”, choose the end point of your tail slightly above and outside the natural lash line. Then, with your eyes open and focused forward, draw a line from the tail’s end point down toward the outer corner of the lash line.

3. Next, with the eyes open and focused forward, draw a line from the end of the tail connecting it to the liner on the center of the upper lash line. Continue these strokes until the tail is completely filled in.

4. Finally, draw a liner from the inner corner of the upper lash line to the middle of the upper lash line, connecting the two sections.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Liner is available right now exclusively through Sephora and  Each liner sells for $23.00.  This WILL change the way you line your eyes.  All you have to do is give a chance and try it.  You will be sold - promise.