MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Summer 2013.

MAKE UP FOR EVER makes some of the very best long-wearing waterproof makeup products. All of the products in their Aqua range are designed to go the distance -- they hold up to heat, sweat and even swimming. For summer, they have created some bold, bright and beautiful smudge-proof hues for both the eyes and lips. If you need your makeup to last through all the elements, look no further.

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MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Summer 2013 Collection

Aqua Rouge - $24.00
This long-wear lip color is perfect for the summer months. You can wear the highly-pigmented liquid lip color alone or top it with the clear gloss. I like to wear it with the gloss, because I am all about a little glossy lip. The look is not only beautiful, the look is smudge-proof, non-transferable and even kiss-proof. This beauty lasts. It comes in five new vibrant shades.

  • Fuschia #16
  • Pomegranate Pink #19
  • Baby Pink #20
  • Bright Coral #17
  • Coral #18

Aqua Lip - $19.00
This lip pencil is perfect for prepping your lips and is the perfect complement to Aqua Rouge. Using evaporating silicone emollients that allow the pigment to glide on the skin and set, this creamy matter lip color can be used to fill in the lips as a base, or outline them. IT comes in two new shades.

  • Pomegranate Pink #19C
  • Baby Pink #20C

Aqua Cream - $23.00
For intense color that lasts through even the hottest days, Aqua Cream is it. This cream based eye color offers a beautiful crease-free, smudge-proof color. Evaporating oils and a special polymer work together to set the color pigments on the skin and lock moisture out. For summer, there are three new pretty shades.

  • Pearly Green Lagoon #52
  • Pearly Pastel Green #53
  • Pearly Mauve #54

Aqua Eyes - $19.00
If you worry about your eyeliner smudging in the heat, you don't have to any longer if you use this creamy pencil. These eyeliners do not run or smudge. It stays put, yet it glides on for easy application. The formula actually sets on the eyelid and the pigments adhere to the skin for long-lasting color. There are two new must have shades for summer.

  • Matte Brown #25L
  • Pearly Green Lagoon #52L

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