MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Sculpting Collection.

MAKE UP FOR EVER has released three new products as part of their Pro Sculpting Collection designed to highlight and define different parts of the face, lips and eyes. Included in the collection are a Pro Sculpting Face Palette, Pro Sculpting Lip and Pro Sculpting Brow. These are all-in-on tools that were professionally made with the novice in made — they are simple to use.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Sculpting Collection

Pro Sculpting Face Palette

This cream palette contains a combination of highlight, contour, shimmer and color shades that subtly accentuates and adds definition in four simple steps. The shades are creamy and blendable. I like that they are subtle yet buildable so you can define and contour as much as you want.

As I said, there are just four steps to use, that go with the four shades. Here's how.

Step 1: Apply the matte light shade the highlight directly under your brow bone, down the center of your nose and on the tops of your cheek bones.
Step 2: Apply the deep matte shade along the jaw line and below the cheekbones to contour. Blend out with a gentle hand using an upward motion out toward your ears.
Step 3: Apply the a touch of the iridescent light shade on all areas that you want highlighted such as the tops of your cheekbones, center of your lips, bottom center of your lip, center of your forehead.
Step 4: Apply a dab of the cheek color to the apples of your cheeks and blend outward.

The Pro Sculpting Face Palette ($45) comes in 4 shades: light (20), medium (30), tan (40) and dark skin (50).

MUFE Pro Sculpting Face Palette 30

MUFE Pro Sculpting Face Palette 30

MUFE Pro Sculpting Face Palette 40

MUFE Pro Sculpting Face Palette 40

Pro Sculpting Lip

This unique, double-ended makeup tool was designed to add volume and definition to the lips so you pout will look more full and plump in a flash. One one side of this tool is a retractable, satin lipstick. The other side contains a soft sponge applicator that features a cream-to-powder highlighter made with beautiful pearl pigments that gives the illusion of volume to the lips. To use, simply apply the color all over the lips then use the highlighter directly in the center of the lips by adding a thin veil of the cream to powder formula and gently rub together.

Pro Sculpting Lip ($27) comes in 4 shades; 10, 11, 40, 50. MUFE says they are natural shades, but they are not so natural. 10 is a deep rose, 11 is dusty rose-nude, 40 is a bright raspberry red and 50 is a dark raspberry.

Pro Sculpting Brow

This 3-in-1 brow tool helps to add structure and definition to the brows. I love that the brow pencil is beveled for precise and smudge-free application. The tool includes a rounded bristle brush to groom the brows and a soft sponge-tip applicator to distribute a universal, light matte powder to highlight and define the brows. Simply dab the highlighter on the brow bone after filling in and grooming the brows.

Pro Sculpting Brow ($27) is available in 5 shades; blond (10), dark blond (20), brown (30), dark brown (40) and brown black (50). With my brows being very dark, I thought I would need brown or dark brown, but dark blond was actually the perfect shade for my brows. Think of blond as that universal brow shade.

Look for the Pro Sculpting Collection at Sephora, MAKE UP FOR EVER Boutiques and


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