Makeup Wars: New Year Beauty Resolutions.

This week, us Makeup Wars gals are talking our New Year Resolutions - beauty style, of course. I am the first to admit that I need to practice what I preach. This year, I have few things I resolve to do when it comes to my beauty routine.

Use sunscreen on my entire body, everyday.

I know the importance of sunscreen, but I get lazy about it. I use it on my face every day, and have recently been bringing it down to cover my neck and chest. It is not enough. I need to slather it over my entire body, everyday. I believe that sunscreen can do so much to prevent the look of aging; I wish I realized it sooner.

Use body lotion on my entire body, twice a day.

My skin is so overly dry that in some places it hurts. I have a thing about body moisturizer though. I HATE the way it feels, especially when it is cold. I may claim to use it everyday, but I'll be honest - I don't. I need to use it not just after the shower, I need to slather it on before I go to bed too. If I could come up with some way to keep my lotion warm (without compromising the formula) it would be easier. I am seriously considering buying a baby wipe warmer and putting my makeup removing wipes and body lotion in there to help.

The easy things you can change in your beauty routine for a better you in the new year!

Stick to my nighttime beauty routine.

I have been very good about taking my makeup off every night before bed. Years ago, I never did. Gross! But I made a resolution one year, and have stuck with it. Thank goodness for makeup removing wipes for when I almost forget. But that brings up my next point. If it is early enough in the evening, I properly use makeup removing wipes, cleanser and then follow with my nighttime routine. But that is probably only three to four nights a week. Those other nights I just remove my makeup with a wipe and slap on night cream. I am neglecting my Retin-A routine and other powerful serums and creams I have. I am going to make it a point to go upstairs and do my routine earlier in the evening, so I don't get to the point where it is too late to begin with. I mean, if I know I am in for the night by 8PM, then why don't I just do it then instead of midnight after I have fallen asleep on the couch?

Use makeup primer.

It is one of the most important steps in applying makeup, but it is one that I rarely do. Ugh. What is with me? If I am going to a special event, I always put on primer. In my every day life, I rarely do. It makes such a difference. I always feel so rushed when doing my makeup and maybe that is why I forget this important step. But it would save me so much time in the long run as I won't be having to touch up. I am going to think of it as part of my skin care routine and not my makeup routine, as I make it an everyday must.

Accept myself for who I am.

This is probably the hardest thing to do. I always want to change something about myself - striving for what sort of perfection I will never know. It never gets easy. I was recently reminded of how accepting that I need to be of myself when I was asked to be shot for a national ad campaign celebrating women - all shapes, colors, sizes. You know the ad; celebrating the beauty within. I used the excuse that it was too close to Christmas and I couldn't do it. The real reason was because I was going to be shot in a white tank top and I was uncomfortable with that. I need to get over this and finally find some sort of acceptance. It is so hard, especially as I am constantly try new anti-aging products so that I look "younger"; the latest makeup so that I look "prettier"; and different diets so that I am "skinnier". I am me and there is nothing I can do except change the way I feel about myself in my head and heart.

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