Mally Roncal's Quick Tips for a Radiant, Well Rested Look.

Mally Roncal, the beauty behind the brand Mally Beauty, is known for creating flawless, glowing skin.  We all know that radiant skin can instantly make you look like you’ve had 8-hours of sleep, even when you've had the norm of say maybe 4 or 5 hours.

Here are Mally’s quick and easy steps for getting a radiant, well-rested look:
Step 1: First, start with a good moisturizer to smooth over any dry or flaky spots.

Step 2: Next, apply my Perfect Prep Poreless Primer to fill in your pores and fine lines, creating an invisible barrier between your skin and your makeup. I just started using the primr last week, and I am seriously loving it. My skin just looks better after I put it on, even before I put on any makeup.

Mally Beauty Perfect Prep Poreless Primer

Step 3: Apply a creamy concealer underneath your eyes, and then dab on any blemishes. Even out your complexion with my Ultimate Performance Foundation and a powder brush to get that diffused, airbrushed look.

Mally Beauty Foundation

Step 4: Using a highlighter, apply to the brow bone, cheek bones, temples and down the center of your nose; swirl a universally flattering pinky-peach blush onto the apples of the cheeks.
Step 5: Use my Volumizing Mascara and with the wand, apply inwards for a starburst effect that instantly opens up eyes. I use this mascara for one coat of "wow" lashes.

Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara

Step 6: Finish by using my Lightwand Eye Brightener. Take the pencil end and draw a sideways "v" in the inner corner of your eyes. If you want to take it to the next level, take the spring-loaded powder dabber on the other end, and apply it on top of the pencil!

To get more of Mally's great tips and maybe even a few of your own pressing beauty questions answered, join Mally on USTREAM tonight at 8:00 PM, EST. Mally will be hosting a virtual pajama party, as an ode to getting the look of 8 hours of sleep. Plus, you will have the chance to win exclusive prizes and deals from Mally Beauty. I'll be there - hope to see some of you too!