Mascara Monday: Mark Scanda-Lash Go-To Mascara.

Mark has taken their core mascara and transformed it from their hook-up size to a full size (yay!) mascara in this new Scanda-Lash Go-To Mascara. So basically, it is the same formula, in a new larger, sleek, slender tube.

Mark Scanda-Lash Go-To Mascara

Scanda-Lash Go-To Mascara is made with a thick formula that adheres to lashes without clumping. It takes a good two tow three coats to get the length and definition that I like. It is nice for an everyday mascara or for those who want that kind of look. It does add a bit of volume, but you're not going to get intense drama with this one, so it is daytime and office safe. It wears all day with nor clumpy, flaking or smudging. It rinsing away with ease.

The wand itself is very light and slender to hold. The brush is on the longer and slender side itself too. It is very easy to control and handle, especially on the inner and outer corners and lower lashes, which is a plus.

Scanda-Lash Go-To Mascara comes in three shades:

  • Blackest Black - a very deep, dark black
  • Brown Black - deep dark brown
  • Violet - deep blue/purple

Shop for Scanda-Lash Go-To Mascara at or through your independent mark rep. Each mascara retails for $11.00.