Mean Stinks: A New Program from Secret.

I just got word of an amazing program that Secret has launched in conjunction with the Girls Leadership Institute, best-selling author and girl-expert Rachel Simmons and teen girls themselves. The campaign is called Mean Stinks.

Mean Stinks is a program to help end the mean streak for good. The mean streak here is bullying.

Being a parent, one thing I constantly worry about is bullying. I have dealt with it. My kids have dealt with it. At one time or another - everyone deals with bullying.

So, what exactly is bullying in this day and age, and what can be done to combat it?

Well, bullying is an aggressive behavior that involves negative actions and an imbalance of power. Bullies have been around since the beginning of time, but technology is a game changer. The Internet is the new bathroom wall, and the explosion of texting and social media has made bullying infinitely more destructive.

Secret has set up an interactive community called Mean Stinks over on Facebook. Here, girls have access to experts, tips, tools and resources for dealing with bullies or even being a bully themselves. The experience goes on to offer girls an opportunity to make amends with others by submitting an apology through a video, as it inspires other girls to fearlessly face the challenges associated with aggressive behavior and bullying.

There are so many ways to celebrate fearlessness, be kind and inspire others to do the same through Secret Mean Stinks, which include...

  • Upload video apologies
  • Have a chance to win free T-shirts
  • Download an application to evaluate the kindness of your Facebook updates
  • Submit sticky situations  
  • Post good graffiti on friends' walls
  • Engage with experts

The entire program is a very safe, friendly and fun online forum where teens are free to express themselves in a positive way. I really think this is so important. When someone you know reaches out, they will inspire friends and other teens to celebrate fearlessness.

I commend Secret for this creative. As Secret has always been a brand about women and celebrating fearlessness, this Mean Stinks program continues that heritage and focuses on giving girls the skills, they need to end the mean streak of bullying once and for all. I hope a lot of you, your daughters, nieces, friends, etc. get involved in the effort. As adults, we need to be mentors, stop gossiping ourselves and set a leading example.

For more information on Secret, visit it's brand website, and the Mean Stinks program on the site and on Facebook.