Pampering Myself for Mother's Day

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With Mother’s Day around the corner, it is time to not only think about gifts and celebrating other Mother’s, it is the perfect time to think about pampering ourselves. I definitely plan on pampering myself this Mother’s Day.

For all that we do each and every day as caregivers (being a Mother or not), Mother’s Day is a reminder of the love and caring that goes into raising a family. It’s not easy. I am constantly caring for those around me and I am determined to pamper myself a bit as I am always pampering others.

This year I am indulging in some of my favorite Dove products. Have you tried the new Body Wash Mousse? I am OBSESSED with it! I have stocked up on all my favorites at Sam’s Club because who am I kidding… with a large family, I am always sharing my favorite Dove bath and body products. Buying them in larger bulk packs at Sam’s Club is a smart way to buy them and save.

While I’m there stocking up on the rest of my essentials, I pick up large packs of my Dove pampering favorites like Dove Nourishing Body Wash, Dove Exfoliating Body Polish and the Body Wash Mousse.

I swear before one of my children runs to get in the shower, I hear them yell… “Mom, where is the Dove Body Wash?”. They know a good product once they’ve used it. With the Refresh & Renew Body Wash Collection from Sam’s Club, all the skin types in my household are pampered, but I want to talk about pampering myself and how I plan to do it this Mother’s Day.

Since Mother’s Day is on a Sunday and I like to practice a bit of self-care on Sunday evenings, I plan to extend that into a whole pampering spa night. I will be using some of the Dove products that I stock up on at Sam’s Club.

I’ve been a longtime user of the Gentle Exfoliating Nourishing Body Wash to gently remove dead skin and I plan to use this all over. It is perfect this time of year to prep skin for summer. The Dove Exfoliating Body Polish takes exfoliating a step further, and I love using this on the driest parts of my body (though it can be used all over). I plan to give my legs and arms a good rub down with the Body Polish. The burst of velvety macadamia and rice milk fragrance is super soothing to my senses.

I just love rich lather and the scent of the Sweet Cream with Peony Body Wash, so I will be indulging in a bit of a double-cleanse as I soak in the tub. Did I mention that it smells so good? I use this one in the shower every chance I get!

Now, for my favorite new Dove product, the Body Wash Mousse, which I have been reaching for a lot. I plan to use this new product a bit differently for my pampering spa night routine. This rose oil infused mousse is what you would expect from a mousse; it’s nice and fluffy but maybe richer than you would expect. It is super creamy once applied to the skin, and the rose scent is so beautiful. I like how nourishing it is, so I have been shaving with it, and that’s how I plan to use it in my pampering routine.

You see, the rich lather is infused with skin-natural nutrients to nourish skin so it creates the perfect surface for shaving; skin is left looking healthy and feeling soft all day long.

I am also picking up extras of my Dove favorites from Sam’s Club and gifting some for Mother’s Day; I really think these make great gifts. I love gifting pampering and self-care to others. Don’t you think that’s a great idea?

I am stuffing a fluffy blanket, candle and a pretty mug plus my favorite Dove pampering products into a crate and giving them to some new Mom’s for Mother’s Day. Everyone deserves a night off and extra pampering.


Teri Cosenzi

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