My 4 Self-Tanning Must Haves.

Did you know that one person dies every minute from melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer? If that fast fact doesn’t have you protecting yourself from the sun, then I don’t know what can. Sunscreen is a must. Each and every day.

A real tan is just not an option these days. Especially when there are so many great self-tanners on the market. Here are my four self-tanning must haves: a self tanner for my face and one for my body, a temporary tan product to even out or deepen my self tan as it fades, and a little something for my self-tanning mistakes.

self-tanning must haves

Self-tanner for Face

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanner - $35.00
Clarins has long been a brand I turn to for self-tanners, especially when it comes to my face. This milky self-tanner is a dream. It applies easily (like a liquid moisturizer) and dries in a few minutes. I like to apply it every other night to keep my face with the light, very natural looking golden glow I like.

Self-tanner for Body

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse - $32.00
I’ve used this for a few years and it is the one self tanner that gives me the most consistent, even tan on my body each and every time. I apply the lightweight mousse to a tanning mitt and then rub it carefully all over my skin. It is tinted, so I can see exactly where it is applied. It dries in a minute, so I can get dressed soon after. My tan is fully developed in a few hours and I am a beautiful golden brown. When I first start self-tanning, I apply one coat in the morning and then another on the same night to get my desired color. I then re-apply every five days to maintain the color.

Instant Wash-off Tanner

Tea Tan Glow Wash-Off Body Bronzer - $22.90
If I am going somewhere special and want to deepen my self-tan or need to even it out as my self-tan is fading, I use a temporary or wash off tanner. I like this instant body bronzer infused with tea extract, to give a natural, light golden glow. One coat is great to even out a tan and two coats is great to deepen a tan. Of course, it is also good for someone wanting an immediate tan that washes off.

Self-tanner Mistake Eraser

Bronze Buffer - 2 for $10.00
Just in case I ever make a mistake, which I constatnly seem to do around my ankles, I use this new Bronze Buffer to remove the unwanted color. The Bronze Buffer is a cute little sun shaped sponge that when damped with water, gently buffs away the unwanted color.

With great self-tanners available, there really is no excuse to subject skin to the damage of the sun.