New & Now: FARSÁLI Liquid Glass

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In case you haven’t noticed, beautiful skin is in. Dewy, glowing, glass-like, clear BEAUTIFUL skin is the goal.

I think beautiful skin is always the goal and is the perfect base for any makeup. The more beautiful and better condition our skin is in, the less makeup we need.

FARSÁLI is a brand that has been at the forefront of innovative products, especially serums, of late. They just introduced a limited edition product and it delivers glowing, glassy, dewy skin in just a few drops.

FARSÁLI Liquid Glass

FARSÁLI Liquid Glass is a unique, advance and very an innovative formula. It is one of those products that will become a staple.

Liquid Glass is inspired by the Korean skincare trend of “glass skin” which is most often achieved through multiple steps and a lot of time.

FARSÁLI Liquid Glass
FARSÁLI Liquid Glass
FARSÁLI Liquid Glass

Leave it to FARSÁLI to take out the ten steps it usually takes to achieve glass-like skin and pack them all into one great bottle. This formula is serious. It hydrates, plumps and illuminates to give you translucent, crystal-like skin. The serum contains Hyaluronic Acid which helps revitalize and replenish the skin’s outer layers with moisture and plumpness as the magic continues to happen beneath.

The words “limited edition” worry me, because I am already obsessed with how it makes my skin look.

Liquid Glass can be used as a radiating skin serum, or as a primer before or after makeup application. I use it after moisturizer, prior to applying makeup, as a primer. As I said, I just LOVE the way my skin glows after I apply this serum.

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