NEW L'Oreal Féria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Colour.

Recently, I held a little hair color party to celebrate the launch of the new L'Oreal Féria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Colour. I have used Féria color in the past and I was anxious to give the new formula a try.

I really liked how the new formula was thicker than then the previous formula, how it smelled - like raspberries, and how gentle the formula seemed to be on my hair. The shine and highlights were beyond ordinary. I was really happy with the results. So weren't my fella hair party go-ers.

Caci used #45, Deep Bronzed Brown. We really liked the way it warmed up her hair color and made it look more vibrant, but not in an obvious way. Look at the shine!


Cindi used #93, Light Golden Blonde. This shade surprisingly toned down her bleached Summer blonde a lot, as it seemed to have grabbed onto the gold. It was a nice change.


Rosalie used #73, Dark Golden Blonde. I had advised her against it because her hair is so light and basically completely gray, but she knew best. It came out beautiful, she loves the color and was impressed at how well it covered her grays. She saved the box top and will be making this her haircolor from now own. (Just wish she would let us put a BIT of makeup on her! Can you tell she is my Mother?)


Last but not least, there was me! I selected #100, Very Light Natural Blonde. As I know that my hair naturally grabs "red" from anything golden, I try to stick with more natural tones then highlight/lowlight with the golden tones. So that is what I did, by adding just a few low-lights with #73. I used a sideview of myself for the after shot ,as this color covered my very dark roots and gave me very real color.


So what do you think? If you color your hair at-home, I think you should take a shot and give the new L'Oreal Féria a try.

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