Not Your Typical Makeup Sponge: Mattése Elite 3D Makeup Blender.

Beauties, let me introduce you to my new best friend: the Mattése Elite 3D Makeup Blender. It’s cute, it’s affordable, and it’s amazingly effective. Intrigued? Read on!



First, let me tell you about my foundation habits: I’m still searching for my perfect match, but I gravitate toward longwearing liquid foundations. I prefer medium to full coverage, but I hate how easily full coverage foundations seem mask-like and cakey. Enter the super-cute Mattése Elite 3D Makeup Blender.

It’s contoured, so you can use the wide end for overall application and the pointed end for precise application around the eyes, nose, and mouth area. It expands when wet and transforms into the perfect texture for max bounceability. To apply, I begin by stippling the foundation on in a bouncing motion, and then blend it out softly for a flawless finish. I have yet to meet a foundation this baby can’t handle!

The Mattése Elite 3D Makeup Sponge retails for $19.99 for 2 sponges and is available for purchase at the Mattése website and at Ricky’s NYC online and at store locations.