On the Strip with MAC.

MAC Cosmetics is launching so many great goodies as of late. There were Tendertones (which I promise I will review soon), Moonbathe, and now Sunstrip.

The newest products in this collection are new to MAC. They are called Charged Waters. Charged Waters are hydrating Mists that are "charged" with natural minerals. You simply spray the fine mist over your skin after moisturizing, or throughout the day when you may need a little pick me up. Charged Waters are safe to use over makeup, if misted carefully, of course. These waters, which retails for $19 each, come in three enticing blends:

MAC_chargewater.jpgRevitalizing Energy -"I-water, diamond powder from Brazil, and caffeine infuse skin with energy that revitalizes skin’s radiance and vitality. The charge of the diamonds instantly shifts skin’s energy level allowing the mineral rich water to penetrate and rejuvenate skin easily. The aroma of green tea and citrus enlivens one’s senses while skin is hydrated and rebalanced."

Renewal Defense - "S-water, Rhodochrosite from Argentina, and Salicylic Acid combine to protect skin from the environment and renew it to a healthy, more hydrated condition. The light peach water is infused with anti-oxidants that shield skin from a harsh environment. Grapefruit and mandarin aroma recharge the senses while the vital mineral ions keep skin healthy and hydrated. The combination of ingredients shifts skin’s energy to revitalize dull skin anytime, anywhere."

Youth Aura - " I-water, Malachite from Zambia, and Amino Acids combine to rejuvenate skin and regenerate new vital skin. The mineral-charged, aqua-tinted water atomizer boosts tired skin into skin 
that is soft and supple. The enhanced water regenerates skin and relieves surface irritation while the aroma of bergamot violet soothes the senses."

I am very intrigued by these waters, and I am anxious to try one out.

MAC_sunstrip.jpgThe Sunstrip collection also offers two new Bronzing Powders and Studio Mists to bring out your best bronze too. The Bronzing Powders, $20, are available in:
Bronze - Muted bronzed-brown with golden shimmer
Refined Golden - Muted golden tan-beige with golden shimmer

while the Studio Mist Foundations, $28.50, have two new shades as well:
Summer - Rich caramel bronze
Sun Rays- Peachy bronze with golden nuances

Before I forget, MAC Cosmetics.com is offering free shipping on ANY purchase from now until June 16th (US address only) with the code SUN at checkout.

Let me know what MAC newness you select!