Origins Plantscription™ Anti-aging Eye Treatment.

There is one thing a woman can't have too much of. I am speaking of eye cream. Yes - your eyes can tell so much about you and to make them look your best, you need an arsenal of eye creams, or treatments. With each eye product launch better and better, I am thrilled to tell you about how this new Origins Plantscription™ Anti-aging Eye Treatment ($42.50) has been working for me.

After adding Plantscription™ Eye into my routine at night over the last few weeks, I have noticed a few things. A few good things, but first a bit about using the treatment. I refer to it as a cream, but it is not. Upon looking at this treatment, it looks like a gel-cream hybrid, but it feels like a serum when applied. It instantly absorbs into the skin around my eyes, and I am careful to apply it under my eyes and on my eyelid and brow bone as well. A very small amount is needed, and I think if it doesn't instantly absorb into the skin, then you are using too much. As soon as the treatment sinks in, you will feel it working as skin feels tighter, just from the start.

Moving on to how Plantscription™ Eye is working for me, let me tell you the rest of the good it is doing. I first noticed that after only a few uses, my overall eye area looked more rested, refreshed and slightly lifted. More tight and together, if you will.  Not only do I look more rested and lifted when I wake up, my normal eye puffiness is just not there anymore. I told you it was a good thing.  Having been in a pinch in the past and having to use eye patches and even cold spoons under my eyes to look presentable, this eye treatment cream is working wonders on this problem. Luckily, I have been working hard on my crows feet and those are only visible while smiling, I decided to concentrate this eye treatment on another area under my eyes. You know those little pesky criss-crossed lines that you see beneath the eyes (cross-hatching), yeah - I have them. But they are not nearly as prominent since I have been using Plantscription™ either. They are really starting to look less and less visible everyday. Another good thing, or shall I say another very good thing?

Plantscription™ is made to work with the extraordinary benefits of Anogeissus Tree Bark. The discoveries regarding the African Anogeissus tree were astonishing. You see, the bark of Anogeissus is particularly concentrated into compounds able to stimulate the natural production of fibrillin, which is responsible for helping to support the structure of the skin. Support the structure, get a more lifted look.

Want to try Plantscription™ Eye for yourself? You can get in on the action too. Origins is giving away over 150,000 Plantscription™ Eye packette samples over on their Facebook page. Head over to claim yours on Wednesday, October 12. There, you will also see the special sweepstakes for women to enter for the chance to win their own full-size of Plantscription™ Eye and take a 4-week challenge. Origins will be selecting – at random – 25 women to receive the full size product and then follow them in their 4-week challenge. Then, the top 5 women will be selected to be featured in their January campaign of Plantscription™ Serum & Eye. How fun. I can't wait to learn more about that myself.

Of course, you can just head on over to or your local Origins counter and try Plantscription™ Anti-aging Eye Treatment for yourself. You won't be disappointed. You know I only want you to experience very good things too!

Origins has provided me with a full size jar of Plantscription and has compensated me to be one of their "Real Experts", featured on their Facebook page and other promotional items. This has not, in any way, formed my opinion on the product.