PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser Review - 30 Day Results.

I have completed the first 30 days of using the PaloVia® Skin Renewing Laser®, and am moving onto the maintenance phase where I only need to perform the treatment twice a week. Now that I am a few days beyond the initial treatment phase, I wanted to share my results.

Do you see the difference? I certainly do. My crows feet are so diminished. I feel it took me back 10+ years in that area. Directly under my eye, shows a huge difference too. It is so smoothed out that I cannot even believe it. It feels like brand new, baby skin. To say that I am thrilled with the results, is an understatement. Seeing is believing.

The little dotted lines that you can faintly see in the after outside photos are the actual laser lines and are fading each day. The redness has really subsided and so hasn't the dryness.  The side effects that I experienced are all to be expected and are totally normal. You have to understand that by doing a treatment like this, that you will get redness, minimal swelling and a lot of dryness. If you think you can do the PaloVia® treatment and only see results, you are mistaken. You have to take the bad (which really isn't that bad) to get the good.

I met with some great gals from the PaloVia® team last weekend. They explained that results after 16 weeks of use (initial treatment phase followed by maintenance phase) were even better than initial results, so I cannot wait for that. I'll be sure to share my results then. As it was more explained, this will be an on going process, and I will need to continue using the PaloVia® twice a week as long as I want to maintain the results.

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A few other great ladies took part in testing as well. Be sure to check their sites to see their thoughts in testing the PaloVia® Skin Renewing Laser too.

The PaloVia® Skin Renewing Laser® retails for $499.00 at  Be sure to check them out on the PaloVia® Facebook page and follow them on Twitter too.

Disclosure: Palomar has provided me a complimentary laser for my use in testing and review, and provided transportation, lodging, and food for an "after" photoshoot. All opinions expressed are my own. For more information on my disclosure policy, please see my disclaimer page.